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Newsletter 4/2021
Dear reader,

Short films are a great way to speak about scientific research. Below, you find the dates of two different science film events well worth looking into. Evolution is still a hot topic: Visit the exhibition at the UZH Zoological Museum and find out more. These and further interesting events are listed in today's newsletter.

Our next newsletter is planned for August - until then we wish you a nice summertime!

Best regards,
Life Science Zurich
Silvie Cuperus & Helen Stauffer
Communication & Events
Public screening SciFilmIt
Online cinema evening on "Health: Human and Planet", 30 June 2021, 7pm
It's our pleasure to invite you to the online cinema evening of SciFilmIt Hackathon Zurich on Wednesday 30th of June (7pm).

During three intense days young scientists from UZH and ETH have been co-creating with artists and filmmakers to tell their research to the public through film. They are looking forward to sharing with you their short cinema films and to exciting discussions on science and art during the online apero. The films will be evaluated by an expert jury (jury prize) and you (public prize).

Invite some friends, follow the link, enjoy the show, and vote for your favourite film!

To attend the event, follow the link on the website (open to everyone, no registration required, in English with German subtitles).

We are looking forward to seeing you during the event.
Evolution happens
Evolution happens! Exhibition from 15 June to 28 November 2021
This special exhibition at the Zoological Museum of the University of Zurich opened recently. Based on examples from the research fields of medicine, agriculture, and nature conservation "evolution happens!" conveys that evolutionary processes shape our environment and are also observable today. With numerous interactive components, the exhibition invites you to participate.

Free entrance. Read more here.
Science Filmmaking Marathon 2021
5th Science Filmmaking Marathon, 16 - 18 September 2021
In the filmmaking marathon, young researchers learn how to use tools used in dramatic storytelling and filmmaking to communicate their research, thereby making their science more readily accessible for a broader audience. Working in groups supervised by professional filmmakers they will produce their own short films during three course days. The films will be screened as premieres at the 4th Global Science Film Festival with a special award for the best film.

Read more here.
feminno call 5
feminno – female innovation and career development in Life Sciences
 Are you a female scientist or an alumna from a Swiss University interested in innovation and personal development?
 Are you interested in career opportunities, especially in Switzerland, at the interface between research, innovation and industry?
 Do you want to develop your ideas into an innovation, or are you asking yourself how your ideas could generate a new technology, product or service either in cooperation with an enterprise or as a start-up? Are you looking for know-how to launch such a process?
 Are you asking yourself how to develop your talents with a positive work-life balance?
 Do you want to increase your self-confidence, internalize your strengths and trust your decisions with the support of qualified mentors?
Then join the feminno course that starts in September 2021! The 5th call is open until 30 July 2021.

For more information and application see the website.
Biointerfaces International 2021
Biointerfaces International Zurich 2021 - online conference on science, technology and translation, 18 - 19 August 2021
The Biointerfaces International Zurich 2021 conference and exhibition provides a platform for industrialists and academics alike to review the latest advances in one of the most innovative and expanding fields in science and technology.

Probably the best way to meet the community: we invite you to network and to share ideas in:
 Stem cell technology & regenerative medicine
 3D cell & matrix printing, tissue engineering
 Functional material-biology interfaces (to tissue, cells, bacteria, enzymes/ proteins, …)
 Progress in surface & interface characterization and imaging (static/dynamic, in-situ and ex-situ)
 Progress in cell-based in-vitro assays for drug development, substance toxicity testing, regenerative medicine - supporting 3R initiatives
 Future of engineered tissues.
Learn more about our educational and introductory lectures as well as the scientific program here.
ZIHP Symposium 2021
17th Symposium of the Zurich Center for Integrative Human Physiology
The Zurich Center for Integrative Human Physiology (ZIHP) has the pleasure to announce its 17th Symposium, which will take place on Tuesday, 7 September 2021. Basic researchers and clinical scientists will get together to present and discuss their research in fields related to human physiology. This year’s symposium will be under the theme “Past and present – 16 years of knowledge” and the keynote speakers are previous ZIHP assistant professors and symposium speakers that will talk about their path since their work with the ZIHP.

More information and registration on the website. Deadline for registration is Tuesday, 27 August 2021

Since its founding in 2005, the ZIHP has brought together many researchers beyond institutional and faculty borders. As the ZIHP is facing a possible closing by the end of this year, this might be its last symposium. The ZIHP is looking forward to having you one last time!
Labs of the Future Virtual Panel Discussion
Labs of the Future - Virtual Panel Discussion
Tired of scrapbooking gel images into your lab notebook? Manually transferring results from an instrument via a USB stick? Looking through the illegible notes of your predecessor who's project you're about to take over? Join AMB The academic staff association at the Department of Biology at ETH and Open Innovation in Life Sciences on 14 July 2021 at 16:30 for the virtual 'Labs of the Future' panel discussion to explore how modern labs are embracing digitalization to get to results faster to publish papers and develop new products!

Keynote and panel discussion with speakers from Digital Lab Consulting, Cutiss AG, and Benchling.

Register for the event here.
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