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Newsletter 3/2021
Dear reader

In this edition, we promote a temporary art exhibition with as much as 36 participating artists dealing with environmental and sustainability issues. We also look into a new exhibition area at the Irchel campus. If you feel like participating more actively in communicating science you can registrate for the Science Photo Marathon competition or the SciFilmit Hackathon Workshop.

Best regards
Life Science Zurich
Silvie Cuperus & Helen Stauffer
Communication & Events
Air Waste Health Water Energy Soil
We are happy to promote this exhibition by 36 artists of the co-operative Gleis 70 that addresses environmental issues and reflects on natural systems. With poetry, humour, colour, experience and interaction, it aims to inspire visitors to rethink their own ecological actions and make an active contribution to a sustainable future. The exhibition and events will bring to the public's attention new forms of visual expression and artistic perspectives on the most pressing issues of our time. Life Science Zurich is pleased to be a partner of this exhibition, which features installations, photographs, paintings, sculptures, performances, films and conceptual ideas.

4 - 20 June 2021, Gleis 70, Hermetschloostrasse 70, Zürich Altstetten

For more information see the website
Photo Marathon
2nd Science Photo Marathon
Would you like to be part of this year’s photo marathon? Then save Friday, 3 September 2021! The registration is open.

You can expect a challenging day out with your camera looking for the best nature or scientific scenes. Participants travel to different locations in Zurich to shoot their photo series. At the end of the day, they hand in a selection of 8 photos. Accessories with the camera as filters are allowed but no photoshopping!
All submitted photos are then exhibited online and subject to public voting and of course to our three judges.

Does this sound interesting? Then find more information here. Maybe you will be one of the winners of the awards!
FameLab Zurich
FameLab is an international science slam competition for young researchers, created and sponsored by the British Council. It invites young scientists to present research to a wide audience in an exciting and entertaining way. Participants have 3 minutes to convince the jury with an original and entertaining presentation. Life Science Zurich organises FameLab Switzerland with various partners.

The regional competition in Zurich was held virtually in April. We congratulate Anna Weber, ETH Zurich, Prerna Yadav, University of Zurich and Caren Pauler, Agroscope to their success. They won the preliminary round and will participate in the national final in September 2021.

Watch the FameLab Talks here.
Science Exploratorium UZH
Science Exploratorium UZH
The newly opened Science Exploratorium UZH offers an insight into the broad and diverse research at the Faculty of Science (MNF). In the Science Exploratorium UZH, MNF research is made visible with five temporary exhibitions. At the moment, visitors can learn more about superconductors, dark matter, hydrology, elementary particles and the collection of the Botanical Museum. In the exhibition about the Botanical Museum collection, you will discover objects relating to research in the various disciplines of botany, but also countless objects for teaching that beautifully connect science and art. Schools and groups can book tours for the entire exhibition or for individual exhibition topics.

Website Science Exploratorium UZH
Science Stories
Science Stories - short films on food system research projects at ETH
On 25 May, the World Food Systems Center (WFSC) presents Science Stories - an event focused on sharing of insights from food systems research projects at ETH Zurich. Guests can watch the premiere of several of WFSC short films and network with other food systems researchers.

Online event, 25 May 2021, 17:00–18:00
Register here
Download the flyer here
Edible research goes storytelling
Edible research goes storytelling
Participative design of an interactive art-science exhibition on food value chains.

The Sustainable Agroecosystems Group at ETH Zurich is developing an interactive art – science exhibition. The aim of the project is to generate a dialogue between students and scientist fostering a better understanding of our food systems challenges and opportunities. It is looking for four upper school classes (secondary school and Gymnasium) in German and French-speaking cantons to collaborate in developing the exhibition. The collaboration will start in August 2021 with a workshop in which the pupils can familiarize themselves with the topic through stories.

Quick facts:
 Researchers are devloping an exhibition on sustainable agricultural and food systems
 They are collaboraring with artists, creative writers and Augmented Reality designers.
 They are looking for teachers and pupils aged 11 to 15 who would like to participate in the design of the exhibition.
 Website and contact
SciFilmIt Hackathon Zurich
SciFilmIt Hackathon Zurich
SciFilmIt has the ambition to bridge the gap between science and emotion through film. SciFilmIt brings scientists and artists together to innovate science communication and create short cinema films.

This year's topic is "Health: Human and Planet". Human health is physically, mentally and socially embracing all aspects of human life. Our social, economic, and politic systems continue to generate “new disfunctions” including stress, racism, and inequalities but have also been rocked by the pandemic. The degradation of natural systems on which we rely further threaten our ability to sustain human health.

During the hackathon, you will explore how scientists and artists investigate human health and planet health, their relationships and future. You are invited to join this transformative event to exchange ideas and put your research in perspective through film.You will learn a lot about science communication and storytelling, create a short film in a team under the mentorship of experts and present your movie to the public during a cinema event. The hackathon is open to everyone and can be taken as a registered course for PhD students (1 ECTS).

Register here before the 6th of June.
New Minor BioMed Entrepreneurship at UZH
New Minor BioMed Entrepreneurship at UZH
How will your ideas or research findings reach and help people? How can you transform your future inventions into marketable products and a successful start-up company? How do you get funding? How to manage an approval process?
As a future scientist, you may already be asking yourself today these questions.

Starting fall 2021, the Minor BioMed Entrepreneurship (30 ECTS) for all Master's students in Health and Life Sciences at UZH and ETH Zurich offers new ways of thinking for the next generation of BioMed scientists. This innovative program provides students with both interdisciplinary, science-based and practice-oriented training in entrepreneurial life sciences and translational medicine.

Apply now! Find more information on the programm website
Life Science Seminars
Life Science Seminars: new series - don't miss the webinars!
Our colleagues of the Life Science Seminar Series (LSSS) team are happy to announce the complete line-up of this year’s speakers. As always, they are hosting great researchers covering a wide range of topics such as the immune response against viral infections, organoids, development and systems biology. The series started on 6th of May with an outstanding scientist: Marc Tittgemeyer, who talked about the metabolic signals, which control our behaviour. So don’t forget to join the upcoming webinars and sign up for the discussion sessions if you would like to meet the speaker.

More information on the website
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