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Newsletter 4/2022
Dear reader,

Ethics in regard of Engineering Life and Rehabilitation Engineering are two topics of conferences coming up soon - read more about them in today's newsletter. A new study on travel health is looking for test persons, we have the details on the recently opened Organic Food Hub on the Irchel Campus and on a lot more activities going on in the Life Sciences in Zurich.

Our next newsletter is planned for September - until then we wish you a nice summertime!

Best wishes,

Life Science Zurich
Silvie Cuperus & Helen Stauffer
Communication & Events
ITIT Travel Health
ITIT Study (Infection Tracking in Travellers) - Invitation to Participate
Summer vacation starts soon! Are you going to travel?

The Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institue at UZH is conducting a study on diseases among travelers in collaboration with the WHO. The goal of the study is to capture diseases in adult travelers crossing international borders to define travel-related infection risks and help with real-time detection of disease outbreaks. Participants are being sought for the study.

To participate, all you need to do is download the free app «ITIT - Travelhealth» from the App Store or Google Play. When you sign up for the study, you will be asked to complete a baseline questionnaire and then a short questionnaire (<1 minute) every day during your trip. All data will be anonymized and stored securely.

Tell us about your travel health experience! Thank you for participating in this study.
Food Hub Irchel
New: Organic Food Hub on UZH Campus Irchel
Get your weekly delivery of vegetables, yogurt, bread and eggs right here at Irchel Campus – and enjoy the quality and variety of seasonal produce! An initiative of the Sustainability Task Force of the Department of Geography UZH.

Find out more here.
OILS Conference 2022
The 5th Annual Open Innovation in Life Sciences conference will take place this year on 27-28 October 2022. Save the date so you don’t miss the opportunity to join this virtual event exploring the challenges and success stories of open science (Innovation Day), plus an exciting program supporting your career development (Career Day). Registration opens 1 August 2022.

The two action-packed virtual days are filled with
 Riveting Panel Discussions on topics, such as global aging and science denial
 Engaging Keynote Speakers including Jessica Polka (Executive Director of ASAPbio)
 Informative Workshops to help you develop your personal brand, visualize your scientific data, manage your well-being, and more!
 Scientific/Innovation Pitches to share your science or start up idea for a chance to win amazing prizes (and glory)
 Virtual 1:1 Networking Meetings to find potential collaborators or catch up with old friends
In addition, OILS22 will host an on-site Networking Evening Apéro (27 Oct) to showcase your science and get to know each other. Check out the conference website for the complete agenda, mark 27-28 Oct in your calendars and get ready to share your science!
feminno Call 6
feminno Call #6
Join the feminno program – an entrepreneur's program for female scientists from a Swiss University (and related academic institutions) or a Swiss University of Applied Sciences.
 Develop your ideas into an innovation, enlarge your network outside academia, and become the next female founder.
 Experienced female career advisers, coaches, innovation experts and corporate executives will be there to support you.
Call #6 starts in September 2022 - apply by 29 July 2022! More information on the website.
RESC Symposium
RESC Symposium: Shaping the Future of Rehabilitation
The Competence Centre for Rehabilitation Engineering and Science (RESC), which evolved through the ETH Rehab Initiative, fills many gaps along the continuum-of-care by hosting and further developing a strong network in the field of rehabilitation and inclusion. RESC has a holistic understanding of rehabilitation, where many aspects complement the core fields of technology and medicine such as economics, environment, legislation, and society.

The first RESC symposium is a platform for exchange and networking. It features keynotes and talks by experts from academia, healthcare, and start-ups. The morning program has a scientific focus and is by invitation reserved to RESC network members. The afternoon program is open to the public and features an inspirational talk by Heinz Frei, Paralympic gold medallist and world champion.

Register now for the public program. Seats are limited and will be allocated on a first register, first serve basis.
Minor in BioMed Entrepreneurship
Minor in BioMed Entrepreneurship – Invest in a successful future!
How do innovative ideas reach the market? How do you write a business plan and what rights do you have to your idea as a researcher? We discuss these and many other topics in workshops led by industry experts and scientists in the Minor in BioMed Entrepreneurship (total 30 ECTS).

Master’s students in any field of life and health sciences or medicine have the unique opportunity to gain practical knowledge from entrepreneurs, work on a project, engage with the BioMed community and make contacts. During a 10-week internship, students can gain their first industrial experience and apply the knowledge they have acquired. This industry-related training naturally also increases the attractiveness for potential employers.

Innovative scientists can build the bridge between academia and industry to develop ideas into marketable products. Invest in a successful future – apply now! Limited places. Find all relevant information on the webpage.
ICEEL 2022
The engineering of molecular and cellular systems for clinical applications capitalises on the unique competences achieved worldwide within the past 10 years. While in the long run such systems engineering approaches will help to cure pertinent diseases, methods to modify, edit, correct and/or complement the genome of patients can be also used to improve a person’s lifestyle, or be even misused in various ways. To address the ethical aspects of such attempts towards engineering life, the 1st International Conference Ethics of Engineering Life invites stakeholders from the scientific, medical, ethical, political, cultural and religious world across generations into a collaborative discourse about the ethical challenges systems engineering approaches will be facing in the future.

Invited speakers will present the latest research and moral challenges related to engineering life and participate in panel discussions with other speakers and stakeholders. We particularly invite the young generation of students to participate and define the existing and future global challenges in engineering life.

JOIN US and help create a framework for true ethical discourse about engineering life to take place! Please find more information on the conference website. Deadline for registration is 31 August.

The conference is organised by the NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering of the University of Basel and ETH Zurich, Switzerland; Pontifical Academy for Life, Vatican City; and Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital, Italy.
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