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Newsletter 6/2023
Dear reader,

In this newsletter we zoom in on studies on health & ageing and brain development in children. We are looking forward to the results of these studies later on. We also present exciting UZH exhibitions in Asia, an award in a field you might not yet know so much about, and more!

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Silvie Cuperus & Helen Stauffer
Communication & Events
Growing Brains
Growing Brains
Are you fascinated by the brain? Are you wondering about how brain and mental health are related? Are you curious about lifelong learning? Do you sometimes puzzle over adolescents' behavior?

All of these are closely connected with the development of our brain. With Growing Brains, we want to promote knowledge about how our brain and behavior develop, and how this relates to our mental and physical health. But we also want to contribute to a better understanding of how science actually works. In this science outreach initiative by the NMR Kids Lab at the Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development, UZH, we will create different types of dialogue event formats, learning materials and even a graphic novel, all aimed at an audience of adolescents and adults in Switzerland and beyond. Become a co-creator by filling out our survey and join us on our knowledge journey!
 More about Growing Brains
 Participate in our survey (18+, German-speaking, living in Switzerland)
Welcome to Insects360, a collaborative project brought to life by the Biocommunication Group, the Entomological Collection of ETH Zurich, and the SimplyScience Foundation.

Its mission is to raise awareness and promote understanding of insects and their role in our world through the use of 3D models and captivating scientific narratives created by experts in the entomological field. In addition to the informative content, the project offers educational resources in German tailored specifically for Swiss schools. We are convinced that knowledge is a key driver in fostering appreciation for these incredible creatures and their vital role in our world.

Join this educational journey and delve into the realm of insects, unlocking their secrets and showcasing their beauty in ways that will inspire curiosity and admiration. The website is expanding, and over the next two years, new topics will be introduced, each offering a unique perspective on insects. Register via the contact form to be informed as soon as new content is available.
Mirror of Nature
Mirror of Nature - 15 December 2023 to 15 January 2024 - Pavilion of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai (MoCA)
From 15 December 2023 to 15 January 2024, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) in Shanghai will host the exhibition Mirror of Nature by the UZH Art and Science Office. In this multi-layered art and science project, the Chinese scenographer Zhu Yunyan and the Swiss artist-illustrators Karoline Schreiber, Sophie Hengartner, Ida Künzle, Alexandra Kaufmann, Helena Klein, and Kerstin Zemp focus their attention on the visual data of a global research on animal behavior. While one can encounter the still living animals via a video layer, animated illustrations remind us of the already extinct species and urge us to take responsibility.

An installation with satellite data from the UZH Space Hub and the Department of Geography complements this intimate encounter with a global perspective on the dramatic loss of habitats. We must act now to preserve the habitat of those animals still alive.

More information here.
Science Gallery Bengaluru
UZH at the inaugural exhibition at the Science Gallery, Bengaluru
The international network of Science Galleries will open a new science museum in the center of Bengaluru, India on 28 November 2023. At the grand opening exhibition CARBON, the University of Zurich is represented by two Art+Science projects. A music-video installation by Swiss musician Nicolas Buzzi in collaboration with Prof. Kathelijne Koops can be seen and heard, as well as the travel edition of Triggered by Motion.

The walk-through video installation Triggered by Motion is based on visual research data from 21 camera traps in 14 countries. It was co-developed by researchers from UZH and its international research network.

The music-video installation "Zuzuhören gerufen" is based on the research of Prof. Kathelijne Koops. The primatologist and evolutionary anthropologist investigates in the Guinean Nimba Mountains how wild chimpanzees communicate with each other over long distances using diverse drum rhythms and styles. The video recordings of these dialogues serve musician Nicolas Buzzi as the basis for his electroacoustically orchestrated translation. "Zuzuhören gerufen" combines the visual with the auditory and, with its artistic character, opens up immediate access to scientific nature and species conservation.

More information can be found on the website of the UZH Office for Art and Science.
Gesund und aktiv 60+
Healthy and active 60+: The Influence of loneliness on health
The public event of the "Universitären Altersmedizin Zurich" which is aimed in particular at people 60+, will take place on 10 November 2023 in the afternoon.

Welcoming address by Ms Natalie Rickli, member of the cantonal government and head of the Health Department of the Canton of Zurich, and by Dr Monika Jänicke, CEO of the University Hospital Zurich. With an introductory speech by Ms Donna Leon, author and DO-HEALTH ambassador. Lectures from the fields of medicine, philosophy, prevention and ethics. Event in German.

You can find more about the program here.

To register for online participation, click here. The event is free of charge.
Looking for women and men 75+ for the STRONG study
Are you often exhausted and tired? Do you sometimes feel unsteady on your feet? Or have you perhaps already had a fall in the last year? Then get in touch and take part in the current "STRONG" study of the Center for Aging and Mobility (CAM) of the University of Zurich!

We are looking for active and independently living women and men over 75 years of age who sometimes feel not quite as fit as they did a few years ago. The STRONG study investigates how a simple home exercise program and the intake of a whey protein or comparative powder affect muscle function and strength as well as the frequency of falls.

For more information on the study, click here. For non-binding information, you can contact Ms. Cornelia Dormann-Fritz. Her contact details can be found on the study website.
«ChildBrainCircuits» - looking for study participants
The research project «ChildBrainCircuits» of the URPP Adaptive Brain Circuits in Development at the University of Zurich investigates how the child brain integrates information from different senses and whether there are differences in children with and without language impairment. Multisensory integration is an essential component of many processes, such as learning and language development. Thus, a better understanding of these processes could contribute to the development of better detection and treatment strategies for language disorders in children. The project management is looking for children (5-12 years, with or without language impairment) and parents who would be interested in participating in an MRI study.

More information and registration here (in German).
3R Award
The winners of the first UZH 3R Award 2023 have been announced. Congratulations to Guiseppe Esposito and Melanie Generali!
Guiseppe Esposito receives the award for his efforts to reduce the use of animals in medical education and training. By using human placentas, Guiseppe Esposito was able to eliminate the use of experimental rats in his microsurgery courses.

Induced pluripotent stem cells, or iPSCs, can in some cases replace laboratory animals in biomedical research. Melanie Generali founded the iPSC Core Facility (iPSCore) at the University of Zurich, a facility that supports researchers in the production of and work with iPSCs. For her great commitment she receives the 3R Award.

The UZH 3R Award is intended to make efforts and successes of UZH members in the field of 3R visible within and outside UZH and thus promote the 3R principles at UZH. More about the award here. The 3R principles are explained here.

Read the UZH News article about the two projects: Link.

Foto: Giuseppe Esposito's microsurgery courses use a placenta model instead of laboratory animals (G. Esposito).
Young Scientist Network - Career Chat with Merck
Don’t miss the next Young Scientist Network Career Chat with Merck on 7 December 2023 at 18:00 followed by a networking apero!

Dr. Marta de los Reyes (Client Project Manager), Max Fleckenstein (Client Project Manager) and Jovana Jevric (MSAT Manager) will talk about their experience and the prospect of a career in the Life Science industry.

More information and registration will be available soon on the website.
GRC Postdoc Jobworld
The Graduate Campus of the University of Zurich is inviting junior scientists to learn and talk about different career paths. The event "POSTDOC JOBWORLD: GIVAUDAN" is taking place on 7 December 2023 at 4:30 pm. A postdoc working in the Givaudan Lab talks about her career path. The event will take place in English.

Reserve your spot here.
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