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Newsletter 1/2022
Dear reader,

In the first newsletter of 2022, among other topics you can read about an information week on animal research, the efforts of an ambitious communication project called Facts & Reasons or the Forest Lab at Hönggerberg. We also present one of the courses run by the ETH World Food System Center as well as the next iPS Zurich Symposium where stem cell specialists meet.

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Silvie Cuperus & Helen Stauffer
Communication & Events
Reatch information week on animal research
Information week on animal research
On 13 February, Swiss citizens will vote on the initiative to ban animal and human experimentation. This initiative proposes a ban on all animal and human experimentation as well as on the import of products developed through such experiments.

Biomedical research is complex and varied. In addition to non-animal methods and human research, animal experiments also play a crucial role in basic research and the development of therapies for humans and animals. The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), the main institution for the promotion of scientific research in Switzerland, as well as the majority of the Swiss scientific community, is opposed to this initiative, which would impede medical progress and restrict the acquisition of new scientific knowledge useful to society. In fact, animal experimentation presents us with a fundamental dilemma: on the one hand, we do not want to inflict suffering on animals. On the other hand, we want to benefit from biomedical knowledge and help sick people. This dilemma is real, complex, and will remain so for a long time.

In order to facilitate a dialogue on this important social issue, the think tank Reatch is organizing an information week from 23 to 29 January 2022. Reatch invites all interested persons to participate. The events will be posted on the Reatch website shortly. We would like to motivate life science researchers from ETH and UZH to share and discuss their experiences with animal research with the public during this week. If you are interested in participating in the debates, you can contact reatch here.

More information on biomedical research on animals and humans is available on the following Reatch websites:
 Thematic dossier on animal experimentation (in French and German)
 FAQ: "Experimentation with humans" (in German)
 FAQ : "Animal experimentation in Switzerland (in French and German)
Facts & Reasons
Facts and Reasons
In today's media landscape, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between facts, opinions and disinformation. A dramatic consequence of this, is that current issues are often discussed on an emotional rather than a factual level. This can pose a threat to society, as became clear during the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting vaccination debate.

Founded in 2020 by an international team of scientists, many of which working at UZH, the science communication project Facts&Reasons aims to address controversial topics in the light of current research in order to bring facts instead of emotions into the focus of public discourse. To this end, the team regularly publishes articles in which the key information from the primary scientific literature is objectively summarized and made available to a broad audience. In order to make the content accessible to as many people as possible, these articles, along with illustrations and videos, are published in nine languages and the team is in active exchange with the readership on all major social media.

Visit the website.
Click here to know more about the team and the project.

Fish 'n' Grips
Fish'n Grips - Offers for Schools
A new website shows an overview of the University of Zurich's offers for headmasters, teachers and students at all levels. Here you can find and book information events, workshops, guided tours, events, further education and much more from all UZH departments.

Our Life Science Zurich Learning Center offers courses and practicals in various science disciplines for primary and secondary schools, laboratory tours and further education for teachers. Our diverse range of courses includes offerings in molecular biology, biochemistry, neurobiology, ecology and genetics. You can find the courses offered by the Learning Centre under: Offers by subject area - Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Offers by target group and level - Elementary School and Grammar School, Offers by format - Materials and Insight / Trial offer as well as Continuing Education.
Waldlabor Zürich
Zurich Forest Lab
Since 2019, the Waldlabor Zürich has existed on Hönggerberg in the immediate vicinity of the ETH campus. The forest lab is an experience-oriented learning and research site that demonstrates past, present and future forms of forest care and management and makes it possible to experience the importance of the cultural forest for society. In addition to researchers from ETH Zurich and WSL, experts from the city and canton of Zurich as well as forest owners and forestry personnel also participate in the association that runs the forest laboratory.

The Forest Laboratory is supported by ETH Zurich for the four-year period 2022-2025. The lab represents a unique opportunity for dialogue between researchers and the public. The projects with which ETH is involved in the Forest Lab include an arboretum that is unique in Europe (D-USYS), a hydrological monitoring project (D-BAUG) and a soil nature trail (D-USYS/WSL). In addition, there are preliminary projects for a tower to measure material flows ("Flux Tower", D-USYS) and for a monitoring database (D-BAUG).

The Forest Laboratory and its accumulated knowledge are freely accessible to all. More information can be found on the website.

Open Innovation in Life Sciences
Open Innovation in Life Sciences Conference
Do you love attending conferences and ever wondered what it takes to plan one? Join the Open Innovation in Life Sciences #OILS22 Conference Organizing Committee and:
 Build a network among industry, governmental and academia sectors.
 Put together your dream conference program, from theme selection to speaker recruitment.
 Learn how to fundraise from the private and public sectors.
 Acquire communication and project management skills and spice up your CV!
#OILS22 will be the 5th edition of the annual conference organized by Open Innovation in Life Sciences, an early career life scientists-led association that advocates for Open Science and Open Innovation.

Scan the QR code to get in contact with Open Innovation in Life Sciences and find out more about #OILS22.
Contact Open Innovation in Life Sciences
Innovation Hub Directories
Innovation Hub Directories
The Life Science Zurich Business Network has published its new directory of life science stakeholders in the Greater Zurich Area. The directory includes collaboration partners from academia, industry and the public sector as well as contacts, funding opportunities for projects and programs for a successful launch of start-ups!

Thanks to its combination of scientific excellence, a wide range of specialised medical facilities, support for start-up entrepreneurs, a strong economy and financial centre, Zurich is one of the leading places for life sciences in Europe. Academic top achievements, high-quality educational programs and a high standard of living make Zurich very competitive not only in the global market for talents, from students to professors, but also on an entrepreneurial level.

The directories can be found here.
Designing for Food Systems Resilience: A Circular Approach
Designing for Food Systems Resilience: A Circular Approach
Our global food system is made up of multiple food value chains - linear resource flows that come with large amounts of waste, nutrient losses and unequal shares of value. This take, make and dispose model means that we are approaching the limits of our Earth system and billions of people do not have access to a healthy diet. The World Food System Center (WFSC) aims to support professionals working in agriculture or food systems to transform food systems and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The centre offers an online course to learn how systemic and transdisciplinary approaches can be used to transform waste into resources, close loops, create shared value and harness interconnections. The course explores how the concepts of circular economy and solidarity can be used to make food production, processing and use sustainable. It also offers the opportunity to interact with like-minded people from around the world and develop interactive and creative skills. You will have the chance to leave silos, look at the big picture and understand connections. And you will have space for personal reflection on how to apply these concepts in your life and work.

Course information
 Dates: 3 - 8 March 2022, registration deadline: 23 January 2022
 for detailed information und registration: see the webseite
iPSZurich 2022 Symposium & Lectures
Do you want to talk face-to-face about science over a cup of coffee? On 20 April 2022, the iPSZurich organizing committee will host a symposium in Zurich focused on highlighting iPSC research in Switzerland (iPSC = induced pluripotent stem cell). The goal is to connect researchers working with iPSC. The guest speakers, Prof. Verdon Taylor, University of Basel, Prof. Oliver Brüstle, University Hospital Bonn, Prof. Barbara Treutlein, ETHZ, Dr. med. Amiq Gazdhar, University of Bern, Dr. Sonja Nasif, University of Bern und Dr. Bärbel Ulmer, Dinaqor are waiting for you. There are NO registration fees and you have the chance to meet the speakers in a casual way.

For further information, please visit the webpage:

In the meantime, the iPSC lectures are proceeding. The new schedule is already online.

The iPSZürich organizing committee (Melanie Eschment, Matthew Denley and Dr Melanie Generali) is looking forward to seeing you at the next events.

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