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Newsletter 1/2023
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Communication & Events
Einblicke in die Forschung mit Tieren
Insights into research with animals
Research and medicine have made enormous progress for the benefit of humans and animals. Animal experiments have been essential for this - and will remain so in the foreseeable future. At the University of Zurich, numerous groups conduct research with animals to better understand the biology, health and diseases of humans and animals and to develop new therapies.

The University of Zurich invites in collaboration with Life Science Zurich high school classes to take a direct look behind the scenes of selected laboratories.

The following laboratories and centers are opening their doors to visitors:
 Laboratory Animal Services Center: Breeding and husbandry of laboratory mice and rats, UZH Campus Schlieren
 Institute of Experimental Immunology - Tumor immunology: containing breast cancer metastases with immune cells, UZH Campus Irchel
 Institute of Molecular Life Sciences - Neurobiology: Studying human diseases with zebrafish, UZH Campus Irchel
You can find more information on the website. Registration is required for a lab visit.
5th Global Science Film Festival
5th Global Science Film Festival 2023 - 31 March to 2 April 2023 - Zurich, Lugano, Basel
Do you like films? Do you think scientific research is important for our society? Support the 5th Global Science Film Festival and participate in the event.

With its annual film festival, the Science Film Academy offers a platform where researchers and society meet and exchange ideas. The festival program includes film screenings, debates with filmmakers and researchers, and the awarding of the "Walking Ibex" film prize. A wide range of scientific topics relevant to our society will be addressed at the festival. Works that deal with aspects of the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, such as health, climate, environment, new technologies and social change, can be submitted for the competition.

To make the Science Film Festival a success, we need your participation and support. Join us for the Spring 2023 edition in Zurich, Basel or Lugano! Participte in the crowdfunding and secure tickets for the event. Every contribution to the crowdfunding campaign is welcome! It is also possible to donate a (small or large) amount of your choice (without reward). The campaign will run until 2 February 2023.

We look forward to your contributions and to meeting you at the festival! You can find the crowdfunding here.
BrainFair 2023
BrainFair 2023 - Human and machine learning
This year's BrainFair will take place 13 - 18 March. It is dedicated to the topic of how machines and humans learn. There will be five discussion forums 13 - 17 March and a program of short talks as well as demonstrations on Saturday, 18 March.

As every year, we will also conduct a school program on exciting topics. Researchers from the Center for Neuroscience Zurich will give online presentations on various topics for young people during the whole BrainFair week.

The program will be posted on the website shortly.
ArtSci 2023
ArtSci is an organisation at ETH Zurich that started from the idea that science research is inspiring, yet largely inaccessible. Its exhibitions celebrate the intersection of art and science. In order to bring the 3rd edition of the ArtSci exhibition series to life, ArtSci is looking for sponsors. This edition will highlight works supporting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a time of global change.

Interested in supporting the 2023 exhibition with financial, curatorial, or workshop contributions? Contact the team via email
Junior Fellowships am Collegium Helveticum
Junior fellowships am Collegium Helveticum
Junior fellows at the Collegium Helveticum are early career scholars or artists who would like to pursue their individual projects in a cross-disciplinary environment as part of a thriving intellectual community. In particular, the Collegium supports fellowship projects that venture into new fields and offer connections to other disciplines. Applications by small interdisciplinary teams of up to three people are also welcome. Junior fellowships will continue to be announced annually.

Read the full call for application here.

Take a look at the 2021/22 fellow year report to get an idea of what the Collegium has to offer.
Evolution in Action
Evolution in Action: 11 - 15 June 2023 - Congressi Stefano Franscini, Monte Verità, Schweiz
Evolutionary biology plays a central role in understanding mechanisms and processes in biological systems. Despite its relevance to many scientific fields, evolutionary biology topics are often addressed in isolation in individual research areas. The International Conference Evolution in Action is intended as an exchange platform for researchers with a common interest in genomic technologies and their application to evolutionary questions. For this purpose, the University Research Center Evolution in Action of the UZH has defined five sessions, two keynote lectures and one workshop to stimulate interdisciplinary discussions on current topics in evolutionary biology. The number of participants is limited, registration opens in January 2023.

For the Program and registration: see the website.
iPSZurich Symposium und Vorlesungen 2023
iPSZurich Symposium and Lectures 2023
The iPSZürich committee organizes a monthly lecture series and a yearly symposium to network, brainstorm and discuss the most recent highlights in iPSC research (iPSC = induced pluripotent stem cell). Check out the links here!

Do not miss the opportunity to meet and be part of this vibrant community on 14 April 2023 at the iPSZürich Symposium 2023! The registration and abstract submission are now open.
Citizen Science Summer School
What are the potentials of citizen science for improving the dialogue between science and society? How can citizen science contribute to solving societal challenges and transforming science? These and other issues will be covered in the Citizen Science Summer School for early career researchers and practitioners from 4-9 June 2023 in Zurich, organized by the Participatory Science Academy (ETH/UZH) and UZH Graduate Campus (2 ECTS).
SIB Awards
To promote excellence, diversity and innovation in the field of bioinformatics, SIB created the SIB Bioinformatics Awards to acknowledge international early career bioinformaticians. The SIB Awards honour bioinformatics excellence, diversity and innovation in three categories:
 PhD Paper Award
 Early Career Award
 Innovative Resource Award
Apply before 31 January 2023.

For more information on how to apply, see here.
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