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NCCR Digital Fabrication Newsletter #32
Spring has arrived in Zurich
Just in time for the first warm rays of sunshine, we are hosting the NCCR DFAB Friends and Family Day in the Robotic Fabrication Lab (RFL) this Saturday, 13 May. The doors of our labs and supporting facilities in ITA and Design++ at ETH Zurich will be open. At this event, friends and family will get the chance to take tours, see demos and gain insight into what we are working on. With outdoor games and a grill lunch, it’s a great opportunity for everyone to connect!
• Digital Fabrication at Milan Design Week
• Investigating Additive Manufacturing
• Reaching Out to Future Researchers
• One Step Further: Step2
• HiLo nominated for Architizer A+ Choice Award
• Events
Digital Fabrication at Milan Design Week
Digital Fabrication at Milan Design Week
Former MAS ETH DFAB student Erika Marthins exhibited her sculpture React/Refract at this year's Design Week in Milan. It was part of Pro Helvetia's "Urgent Legacy" exhibition at the House of Switzerland Milan, which attracted over 17,000 visitors. The sculpture is the result of her MAS diploma thesis in collaboration with research being undertaken by PhD researcher Ina Cheibas and Gramazio Kohler Research.
Face the “Urgent Legacy” Issues
Investigating Additive Manufacturing
Investigating Additive Manufacturing
Researcher Ina Cheibas is often found in the Robotic Fabrication Lab. Her work - developing and printing innovative facades from a mono-material - can sometimes be a marathon, with some test pieces needing over 24 hours to print. As part of a larger team investigating additive manufacturing for façades, Ina collaborates with other researchers to develop sustainable and innovative approaches to functional building cladding using the latest digital fabrication technologies.
Read Ina’s Interview
Researcher Ana Anton in a Classroom
Reaching Out to Future Researchers
Recently, Dr. Ana Anton visited two high school classes in Bern. There she introduced the students to 3D printing and showed them how it can be used on a larger scale in construction. Her visit is part of the national cross-NCCR "Researcher in my Classroom" programme, which aims to inspire young women to pursue STEM professions. Within this programme, the NCCR DFAB covers the topics of architecture and engineering, providing an insight into digital fabrication in construction.
Look into the Classroom
Nest unit STEP2
One Step Further: STEP2
STEP2 is the next prototype building unit that will be added onto NEST at Empa. It is a collaboration between industry leader BASF, the Chair of Digital Building Technologies and others. STEP2 is currently in the advanced planning phase and pre-production components of the unit's innovative and sculptural staircase have already been prototyped and tested. The unique design solution used in STEP2 highlights the potential of advanced manufacturing techniques and material innovation to create lightweight and sustainable structures.
Get to know the NEST Unit
HiLo nominated for Architizer A+ Choice Award
The HiLo unit is the result of almost a decade's worth of research in architecture, structural engineering and sustainable technologies at ETH Zurich. It has now been nominated as a finalist in the popular Choice Awards in the Architizer A+ “Architecture +Innovation” category. Vote for HiLo until midnight on Friday, 12 May.
Vote for HiLo
13.09.2023 - 15.09.2023
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